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Each Required Competition counts for 1/3 of your total score.

Discloser: All photos courtesy of Cameron Theyard Photography

Interview/ Personal Introduction

 This will be a 5 minute panel style private interview with the 3 judges. Questions will be based on contestant's resume and age relevant topics. Topics may include the following: peer pressure, today's role models, leadership, etc. It is always a good idea to stay informed on what is going on in your community, state and nation. The judges will be scoring each contestant on her ability to communicate, answer questions concisely and consistently, her character and her overall presentation. Attire: Fashion forward career style dress, jumpsuit or set with coordinating heels

Fashion Runway

Contestants will model a fun outfit that shows off their personality. It can be anything that you choose: dress, high-low dresses, pants, jumpsuit, etc. No swimsuits, denim, or hats! Think "High Fashion New York Runway". Each contestant will model their outfit on stage to fun upbeat music. Judges will be looking for contestants' personality on stage, an outfit that shows off contestants' uniqueness/personality, and contestants' confidence.

Evening Gown

The contestant's evening gown choice should reflect her own personality and style. The monetary value of the gown is not a consideration for judging. The gown must be floor length. Gowns with slits, in the teen, need to be age appropriate. Only the Miss & Ms Division are allowed to wear gowns with full slits. (Please use good judgment)

Judges will award points based on overall appearance, beauty, poise, stage presence, fashion sense and the contestant's ability to project comfortable elegance.

On-stage Question

Top 5 will participate in onstage question. Questions will be age-appropriate for each division. Onstage question is not judged

Optional Competitions

Optional competitions are an additional opportunity for delegates to express their style, skills, and talents on our beautiful national stage. Optional competitions are judged by a separate panel of judges and do not impact the selection of our new Royal American Miss Royalty. 


Do you have a face that the camera loves? Do you love having your picture taken? Then the Photogenic Contest is your chance to show the world what you’ve got! Contestants can submit up to 3 headshots for a chance to win a national photogenic award! 


Are you a singer? Dancer? Play an instrument? Do you have any other talent that can be showcased on stage in under 2 minutes? We want to see it! The talent optional is for you!


Our voice is one of the most powerful things we possess. We use our voice to express so many things and by entering the Spokesmodel optional, you have the opportunity to use your voice to speak about something important to you! You will be given a list of topics to choose from that will allow you to showcase your public speaking skills, your charisma and your relatability.

Casual Wear Modeling

Casual Wearing modeling is exciting, upbeat and will make you feel like you are hitting the runway at New York Fashion Week! This is your chance to shine and show your personal style as you leave it all out on the runway! In this event, you will model age-appropriate attire that has an upbeat, fashionable look.

State Costume

Time to show your state pride! Contestants will model an outfit of their choice that represents their state or country’s nickname, theme, landmark or special symbol.This is your opportunity to truly showcase something significant to your state. Think about Miss USA or Miss Universe during competition! 

Non Performing Talent

Really good in sports? Love to draw? Play an and instrument that is too large to transport to the pageant?  Do you have a talent but you are unable to showcase it on stage? We still want to see it!

 You will be able to submit a 2-minute video to our judges to view your talent. 

Modeling Portfolio

Different from photogenic, this competition allows you to share more than a headshot! If you are a rising model, we want to see your portfolio. We want to see 4-5 photos including headshots, half body shots, and full body shots. We want to see different emotions! We want to see you model! 

Role Model

 RAM strives to give girls and women a real chance at showcasing their contributions and to truly share their stories with the judges. We know that our contestants will continue to make a difference with or without recognition but we truly believe that everyone deserves recognition. We believe that at some point we all deserve to feel appreciated, as it refuels our motive for continuing to contribute to our community. Contestants entering this optional will have the opportunity to create a scrapbook showcasing their volunteer service.

Crowning the Country

Our mission is to crown ambassadors who are prepared and motivated to “crown” their communities by volunteering. We are challenging our state titleholders to truly find out what is needed in their personal community and to develop a plan to address it. Contestants will be able to submit a short video stating how becoming a Royal American Miss state titleholder has benefitted her life and how she is making a difference. The video should be no longer than 2 minutes.

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