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Welcome to Royal American Miss, a national pageant organization, designed with the purpose of creating future leaders who are altruistically motivated to make an impact. Our goal is to instill lifelong skills, foster friendships and provide networking opportunities for all of our contestants. What makes RAM unique? Most pageant competitors will attest to the hours on hours of volunteer service that is undertaken, however, it is rare that contestants get to truly share their contributions with the judges. We know that our contestants will continue to make a difference with or without recognition but we truly believe that everyone deserves recognition. We believe that at some point we all deserve to feel appreciated, as it refuels our motive for continuing to contribute to our community. As mentioned above, in addition to making an impact, our contestants will gain lifelong skills such as goal setting, networking, perseverance, resilience, interview skills, public speaking, self-awareness, and lot more. As if that isn't enough, our contestants will have the opportunity to make lifelong friendships with girls and women from all over the country. Ultimately, RAM is a family and once you join us, you are always a part of our family.

Crowning the Country

"National Platform"


Crowning the Country, One Community at a time. Royal American Miss Pageant Organization is on a pursuit to making a difference. As a national organization, we have the opportunity to crown girls and women in every state, which affords us the potential to make an impact in numerous communities. Our mission is to crown ambassadors who are prepared and motivated to “crown” their communities by volunteering. We are challenging our state titleholders to truly find out what is needed in their personal community and to develop a plan to address it. Additionally, every year, our plan is to crown 6 national queens, who will collaborate to choose a volunteer project that is significant to them. For that year, as an organization, we will focus on bringing awareness and making an impact for that particular cause.

Meet the Team

Alana Hebert

Executive Director

Alana Hebert is the Executive Director of Royal American Miss. Alana has always had the vision of creating a national pageant that truly allows girls the experience that they all deserve. Dedicating her career to helping others become the best version of themselves, she is currently a Professional School Counselor and Mental Health Counselor. She has obtained a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Counseling Education. 

Alana's involvement with pageantry spans 16 years where she has served as a contestant, titleholder and director. As someone who has been involved in pageantry for almost 2 decades, Alana has taken note of what she believes is important in a pageant experience and she strives to provide that through Royal American Miss. 

Chloe' Joubert

 Assistant Director

Chloe' Joubert is a licensed cosmetologist and alumni of Aveda Institute of Arts and Science. Chloe transitioned from the stage to behind the scenes of pageantry, where she fell in love with hair and makeup. Her career path has been inspired by her love for hair, makeup and all things glam. Chloe has also served in many other aspects behind the scenes of pageantry. She has served in many roles behind the scenes and is now incredibly excited to take on the role of Assistant Director.

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