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Support us by becoming a Sponsor

Who are we?

Royal American Miss is a national pageant organization, designed with the purpose of creating future leaders who are altruistically motivated to make an impact. Our goal is to instill lifelong skills, foster friendships and provide networking opportunities for all of our contestants. What makes RAM unique? Most pageant competitors will attest to the hours on hours of volunteer service that is undertaken, however, it is rare that contestants get to truly share their contributions with the judges. RAM strives to give girls and women a real chance at showcasing their contributions and to truly share their stories with the judges. We know that our contestants will continue to make a difference with or without recognition but we truly believe that everyone deserves to be showcased and honored. We believe that at some point we all deserve to feel appreciated, as it refuels our motive for continuing to contribute to our communities. Ultimately, RAM is a family and once you join our system, you are always a part of our family.

Why would someone want to sponsor Royal American Miss?

Royal American Miss was created to provide an opportunity for overall growth and empowerment for girls and women, ages 7 years old and up. With our vision and your generous resources, we can develop future changemakers and support women to become powerful leaders. RAM needs you! You will not only be making a difference in our organization but in the lives of all of our contestants and their families. Your sponsorship is a partnership with us and we want to offer you great benefits in return. We are looking forward to working with you.

We greatly appreciate your interest and we would love to speak about this more in detail. Please email our Executive Director directly at and we will send you all of the information that you will need to begin our partnership.

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